Cooper Environmental Services, LLC


Cooper Environmental Services, LLC is a private consulting company providing specialized technical services on Martha's Vineyard. Our diverse client base includes real estate agencies, private & public developers, municipalities, and homeowners.  Our services include:

  • Title 5 Septic System Inspection & Certification

  • Septic System Upgrade Planning & Design

  • Soil Evaluation

  • Wetland and Resource Area Delineation

  • Permit Applications Pursuant to the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act

  • Erosion Control Consultation

  • Wetland Creation, Replication & Restoration Planning

  • Project Planning & Management

With over 45 years of experience in on-site wastewater management and environmental protection, we are uniquely qualified to deliver a level of service unmatched on Martha’s Vineyard.


What Is a Title 5 System Inspection?

Title 5 refers to the section of the Massachusetts Environmental Code that requires the inspection of subsurface disposal systems (aka septic systems). They are required when homes change ownership and are valid for a period of two years after the date of inspection.

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Doug Cooper’s Research

In completing his Master of Science degree in Agronomy with a specialty in soils at the University of Connecticut, Doug conducted an in-depth study on the relationship between septic system longevity and local soil conditions. His thesis was titled, “Septic System Longevity and Function as Related to Soil Mapping Units and other Factors.”


Husband and wife team of Doug and Carla Cooper moved to Martha’s Vineyard in 1995. They brought with them knowledge of environmental policy making and regulation enforcement from their backgrounds working in local, regional, and state governments. Doug’s expertise in wastewater management and wetlands protection is unmatched. Carla has a specialty in resource protection. She brings her unparalleled organizational skill and attention to detail to every project.