Our services include: 

  • Title 5 septic system inspection and certification
  • Environmental and habitat assessments
  • Soil evaluations and septic system design
  • Wetlands and resource area delineations
  • Geologic studies
  • Applications for regulated activities in freshwater and coastal wetland resource areas
  • Erosion control consultation
  • Project mitigation
  • Wetland creation, replication and restoration planning
Let Cooper Environmental take you through the process from initial evaluation to completion including operating and maintaining your onsite system annually.

During the design process we will be able to give you choices with costs as opposed to designing something that doesn't suit your needs or that you can't afford to install or operate after it's installed.

Our clients include real estate professionals, private and public landowners and municipalities. 

View Doug Cooper's indepth study of Septic System Longevity and Function as Related to Soil Mapping Units and other Factors